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The Theory of Missions™

For the first time in management sciences, The Theory of Missions™ explains how systems are initiated as a result of intent. It defines how intent based systems, governed by definitive precepts, control and regulate the process through which raw universal energy is converted to physical realities and how the underlying dynamics of intent based systems determine the form and structure of missions. It shows how systems originating from intent serve as the framework through which the execution of a specific logic can occur.

Knowledge of the underlying dynamics that establish a mission's baseline logic is highly useful when defining mission design parameters necessary to manifest the mission in a particular environment. Likewise, understanding the behavior of the mission as it passes through the various stages of its development, insight as to how the mission is affected by dynamics within its internal and external environments, and reading cultural nuances are just the tip of the reserve of knowledge available to leaders through the understanding of intent based systems.

Development of The Theory of Missions™ began in l985. Over one hundred models have since been designed and field tested.

Applications based on The Theory of Missions™ cover the full spectrum of mission definition, assessment, design and execution processes. Many of these applications are presented in the book, Zen and Applications of Mission Design, by Jan Griebe, Ph.D., and are now available to our clients.

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